Egg pendant in hand hammered 18k yellow gold

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Hand hammered egg pendant in 18k yellow gold.
  • 18k yellow gold
  • length 23mm
  • width 11.1mm

Easter egg pendants

The shape of an egg, with no beginning or end, is one of the purest forms one can find. Eggs have had various symbolic meanings in different cultures throughout the centuries. They have been known to symbolise among other things creation, eternal life and new beginnings and it is said that they bring hope, purity and luck. Every year LALAoUNIS creates a new Easter egg design inspired by the theme of that year's collection.

All creations are handmade at the LALAoUNIS atelier in Athens, Greece and require an average of 2-4 weeks lead time unless otherwise specified. Please note that there may be minor differences between same style pieces. Prices can vary depending on particular sizes requested and materials used.

Egg pendant in hand hammered 18k yellow gold

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