Helen of Troy long tassel earrings in 22k gold

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Long tassel earrings in 22k gold with granulation work on top motif. Available with clips or clips and posts.
  • 22k gold
  • length 8.5cm

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy is a collection inspired by Heinrich Schliemann’s excavations that took place in northwestern Anatolia, known as Troy, in 1871. Our collection revives an art that flourished along the shores of the Aegean three thousand years ago. The treasures of Troy are a great example of how the aesthetic taste thousands of years ago is timeless and still relevant today.

All creations are handmade at the LALAoUNIS atelier in Athens, Greece and require an average of 2-4 weeks lead time unless otherwise specified. Please note that there may be minor differences between same style pieces. Prices can vary depending on particular sizes and materials requested.

Helen of Troy long tassel earrings in 22k gold

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All our creations are made to order.
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